Split AC vs Window AC – Best for your home!

Want to buy a brand new AC for your home but can’t decide the type?

Well, you are not alone many of us find difficult to choose Between Window AC versus split AC.

Both of these air conditioning has the ability of efficient cooling with some pros and cons from each side.

We will discuss that thoroughly in Our article step-by-step and finally decide the winner of Window AC vs Split AC battle.

There are seven major factors you would like to know before choosing between Window AC and split AC for your home, which includes

  • Installation
  • Space Constraint
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Aesthetics
  • Noise Factor
  • Cooling Efficiency
  • Pricing

Basic Difference:

Lets start with the basic difference between split AC vs Window AC. As the name suggest window ACs are installed at windows and they are the ancient form of air conditioners. It is comprised of one whole unit which contains the necessary components like the compressor, condenser, expansion coil, evaporator, and cooling coil in a single box. They are placed inside the room and quite economical.

On the other side, split ACs are termed as modern age ACs as they come along large with lobert technologies and their efficiency Radio is very high. split AC consists of two units named as an indoor unit(IDU) and an outdoor unit(ODU). 

The indoor unit contains as endeavor unit and the thermal expansion value and the unit is placed inside the room. Whereas the noisy outdoor unit which comprises the compressor and the condenser place outside the room. They are little expensive than contemporary Window ACs.


The first challenge pops up after buying an air conditioner is the process of installation. So, let’s get dive into it.

  • Window AC Installation:

    The process of installation of a Window easy is a relatively easy task. Anyone with the basic knowledge of installing an air conditioner can do the job, no specified person required/ although a professional helper is recommended during installation.

  Fact: People who stay in the rented house and change their play quite often usually paper window AC, because of gas in installation and uninstallation process and economical reason.

  • Split AC Installation: 

Split ACs required a 2.5 – 3 inch hole in the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor unit through the pipe. So a professional help is must during the installation of a split AC to perform the task with care. It cost around 1200 Rs to install a split AC from a professional labour.

Space Constraint:

Availability of space plays a crucial role in selecting the type of AC. Generally split ACs demand more space than Window ACs, but the Window ACs requires a larger openings in Windows.

Lets face some facts about this:

  • Some buildings of the previous country are built in such a way that they can accommodate window AC only.
  • Many people live in a congested area where space between two buildings is very less so any outdoor unit can’t be placed outside. naturally, they have to go for window AC( apartment building)
  • Window ACs are the best suitable for those who live in a large house and have enough in the window to install a Window AC.
  • On the other side, people who live in apartments or flats where there is hardly any space available in the window, their go to option will be a split AC.
  • Many people live in small 1-2 BHK rooms, where the size of the window is too small to install a Window AC. so the only option left for them is a split AC.
Window AC vs Split AC
Window AC vs Split AC

Tip: You can place the outdoor unit anywhere you want by just increasing the length of the refrigerating pipe.

Energy Efficiency:

So, now let’s compare the energy efficiency of a split AC vs Window AC.

Energy Efficiency Ratio(EER), a cooling capacity to the input power is a deciding factor in measuring the energy efficiency of an AC. higher the EER ratio, the higher the AC is energy efficient.

The more convenient way to compare the energy efficiency of split AC Vs Window AC is BEE star rating which is mentioned over the air conditioner. Higher the BEE star rating, less the AC spends energy on functioning.

That means a 5 Star AC is the most energy-efficient whereas 1 Star AC has the least efficiency.


Nowadays it’s not only about cooling of a room, but the interior dressing has also gained its importance.

The problem with the Window ACs are that they come along with different sizes in the market and can just rain your home decoration. On the other side, all the split AC is come with some size and can easily blend with the other furnitures in the room and add elegancy in room.

Bottom Line

If the aesthetics are your primary concern, go with split AC blindfolded.

Noise Factor:

The compressor and condenser of the split ACs are mounted out as an outdoor unit(ODU). compressor and condenser produce the majority of turbulence in the AC, being placed outside in the split AC, they produce very lesser Noise.

Whereas in the Window AC everything comes under one box and placed in the window. As a result window AC end up creating a lot of noise in the room.

Bottom Line

Split AC if you love and peaceful environment in the room.

Cooling Efficiency:

Split ACs are specially build for larger workspace or common room. Usually, they have more cooling efficiency and cools a room faster.

window AC also does the job of cooling efficiently but they are best suitable for small room size.

Bottom Line

If you compare the same tonnage of window ac vs split AC one-on-one, split AC is marginally ahead in terms of cooling efficiency.


Generally, a split AC with some tonnage cost almost doubled then a window AC and here are the reasons –

  • The Window AC is smaller than split AC and required component in building then split AC.
  • The cooling efficiency of a split AC is higher than a window AC, so split AC costs more.
  • The component which builds split AC is are more expensive than the Window AC. so naturally it comes with a price.
  • Split ACs are perfect for cooling a large area, where the Window ACs are best for a small room.
Bottom Line

The initial cost of Window AC with some tonnage is lesser than a split AC.

Other Depending Factors:

  • Service and maintenance:

    Service and Maintenance of Windows ACs are very easy because of its impact design, where it requires a professional to maintain and service a split AC.

  • Daylight:

    As window ACs are installed at the window, sometimes they end up blocking the sunlight. where the indoor unit of split AC can’t be installed anywhere in the room so it does not block sunlight.

    If an AC directly face sunlight then that is also harmful. You should install a particular direction where it gets the least interaction with sunlight.

Tip: North and East are the best direction to install an AC as they receive lesser sunlight than the others.

  • Variant:

    Split AC comes with a different variant of color and pattern. window AC doesn’t have many other variants.

Fact – Split AC can come with inverter Technology but window AC doesn’t have this feature.

  • Suitability:

    Window AC is best suitable for a small room or office whereas split AC can work efficiently in a large space or commercials.

Overall Summary

  • Window AC is easy to install where it requires a technical person to install split AC and the cost of installation of window AC is cheaper than a split AC.
  • It requires a large opening window to install a Window AC for the wooden frame. overall taken by split AC is higher than Window AC as it comes with bi-unit.
  • Split ACs are generally more energy-efficient than window ACs. energy efficiency of an AC is proportional to the BEE star rating. 5-star ACs are the most energy-efficient.
  • Split ACs are aesthetically beautiful than window AC and matches with interior decoration elegantly. 
  • Split ACs are more comfortable and produce minimal noise but window ACs have a bad reputation for creating a loud noise.
  •  The cooling efficiency of split ACs are higher than the Window AC. split AC comes with different other very and such as inverter split AC but window AC lacks in this.
  • Service and maintenance cost of split AC are higher than the Window AC.

Final Verdict

As buying an air conditioner is a large-term investment, so buying a split AC specially an inverter split AC would be ideal and wise choice. Yes, it will cost 5k-10k more than normal ACs initially. But it will save a huge Bucks every month over energy consumption. If you calculate buying cost of electric bills combined 5 years or 10 years down the line for a split AC will come out as a clear winner.

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