How to select best AC in India: A Definitive Guide

India and its subcontinent countries are very well known for its summer and its demolition, where summer resides most of the time in a year. And in April-May it occupies its peak and give intolerable heat and uneasiness in result. But with the evolution in technology in past few years it has not been that difficult to beat this heat.

Even in air conditioners features Like AI auto cooling, wind-free have been enriched to make it smarter with saving extra energy.

Budget is definitely the primary aspect before buying anything. Even, in buying air conditioners you have to spend wisely. A 1 ton AC price will vary somewhere 25k to 35k where have a 1.5 ton AC will take almost 30k to 50k. On the other side, the price of a 2 ton ac will be more than 40k and can go up to 55k or more.

Suggestion: You should pay a few bucks more initially and get a 5 Star AC with Inverter Technology, which will eventually save more electric power lowering the electricity bill and give you an additional 5 to 10 years longer life span. This will help you in the long run.

Best AC For You (Window, Split or Portable):

You should buy an AC after deciding your requirements. Let’s see the various type of AC available in the market with their pros and cons.

Split AC :

As the name suggests split AC has two-unit, the outdoor unit placed on a wall outside whereas the indoor unit is mounted inside the room. The outdoor unit is consists of a condenser and a compressor whereas the indoor unit has a blower. Combination of both the unit will result in flowing a cool, fresh air throughout the room.


  • Ideal choice for bedrooms, as it makes less noise of because the compression and condenser are placed outside the room.
  • It doesn’t required a window frame can be installed any where in the room.
  • Look vibrant and adds aesthetic to a room.



  • Not a very easy installation process like window AC.
  • Not suited for those who changes their living place quite often as relocation & reinstallation is extremely different.


Window AC :

Window AC is installed outside the window. This type of AC is consist of one whole unit consists of a compressor and blower in a single box. The compressor is placed outside the open air and while the blower faces the room.


  • Best for small to medium size room as it takes very small space for installation and also very compact.
  • Installation producers, it’s very small, anyone with the basic knowledge of installation can do the job.
  • Shifting and relocation of a window easy is Much earlier, so it is affordable if you stay on rent and plan to move in a few months.
  • Very economical you can get a window AC from 20k or above.



  • They make much noise compared to split AC.
  • Little extra consumption in power in window AC but this should be the deciding factor.
  • Not very classy looking can ruminative interior aesthetics of any ambiance.


Pro Tip

If you are looking for an AC for the long run that will give you more effective cooling, lower down electricity bills and create an aesthetic ambiance in your room, you must go for a split AC. On the other hand, if you charge your staying frequently and want a cheaper AC for day to day usage, you can go for window AC.

Portable AC :

This type of variant in the AC conditioning industry is a new face in India. Unlike split or Windows, it can move from one place to another very easily just like an air cooler. If one lives in a very small space where almost no place if left to Mount an air conditioner, portable AC might be the best choice for them. It is almost suitable for those who live in a rented house and relocate their place very often.


  • Very easy shifting and relocation from one place to another.
  • Best for those who can’t Offend to have a permanent AC installation.
  • You can move the two different rooms easily.



  • Purchase price is high of portable AC.
  • Not very much efficient as split AC on Window.
  • It required constant draining.
  • No well-known brand produce this AC yet accept LLOyd.


Room Size And AC Capacity (Tonnage):

After deciding, type of ac you want you need to have an idea about the size of your room and select the tonnage of ac according to that. because the more the tonnage of an ac, the more it consumes electricity and increase electricity bills. again if the tonnage of an AC is less than the required amount, when it will show inefficiency in cooling and can be a wastage of money.

The following list gives an idea about room size again tonnage of an AC :

Room SizeTonnage AC
<=80 sq ft0.75 Ton
80-100 sq ft1 Ton

Room size is not only a considerable factor in how to calculate the capacity and size of an AC. There is some more Shiv considerable factor which affects point, you can increase the square feet by 30% while calculating the capacity of the air conditioner.

  • The ceiling height of the room is more than 10 square feet.
  •  If Windows of the room, 25 square feet area on more and have multiple windows in the room.
  •  The room is on the third floor or above or on the terrace.
  •  Temperature in summer exceeds 40 degree Celsius.
  •  Room is directly exposed to sunlight.
  •  Compressor of the AC is mountain towards the direction of the Sun (West or South).

Energy Saving :

One of the major challenges after buying an air conditioner is to make sure that it consumes less energy. as more energy consumption ultimate Lee results in paying more electricity bills and of course you don’t want it.

You should always check for the Energy Efficiency rating given by Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE) to get the idea of electricity consumption of your air conditioner.

For Indian air conditioner, you can and check the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio(ISEER) Value given by BEE to calculate energy Efficiency.

Here higher energy ratings correspond to the number of stars. (ISEER is measured in terms of star rating) thus more energy-efficient and less wastage of electricity. 5 star rated AC is most energy e efficiency and Energy Efficiency decrease gradually when we tend to decrease tend star rating.

 Fun fact:

Split AC is more energy-efficient than Window AC, but maintenance and repair cost of split AC is a little bit expensive.


Inverter / Non-inverter AC:

Inverter-based air conditioners have more efficiency than the non-inverter ones they are a little pricey.

The air conditioning system in the Inverter AC uses a variable speed compressor than can maintain the exact temperature more efficiently than the non-inverter AC.

Inverter AC is also more energy-efficient than the non-inverter AC is as the compressor of the non-inverter AC shuts off when the temperature of the room reaches a saturated level and turns on when again the temperature of the room increases. this process increases the amount of electricity consumption as during the switching on process of a compressor it draws most of the electricity.

On the other hand Inverter, AC doesn’t operate through on/off systems and is much more efficient.

Condenser coil type:

Condenser in AC aids in cooling speed by helping to convert gas refrigeration to liquid refrigerant and vice versa.

Basically there are two types of condenser coil available in the market.

  • Copper Coil
  • Aluminum Coil

Copper coil is preferable and best choice as condenser coil because of its high conductive nature, high heat transfer rate, greater strength, less corrosiveness, etc.

They aids in faster and efficient cooling to a room.

Aluminum coils are comparatively cheap but more pliable and have low heat transfer that means it can't cool the room faster.

They are also more corrosive And have a very low life span.

Important Available Features:

Along with their mandatory properties, some other advanced and cooling features in hands the efficiency of the AC and provide cool and fresh air.

To keep your room noise-free and almost silent operation opt for an AC in the noise range of 40dB.

Dust filter takes the dust particles sticking on them To prevent them from evaporating at home. They also play a vital role in the functioning of the air conditioner.

It eliminates harmful bacteria, Pollen, dust mites, allergens, sponesand Improves the quality of indoor air. It can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.

The dehumidifier removes excess moisture and especially useful in the rainy season to rid excessive humidity in the room and bring more comfortability.

This sleep mode is designed to make you comfortable while you are sleeping and conserve power when cooling is not required in the room it is very helpful in saving electricity bills.

Gone are the days, when you put a turn on the AC only when you are present in the room. now by your no wherever you are and allow your home to you welcome you with cooling and fresh environment.

So you need to keep all this thing in mind before buying and brand new AC for your home.

Bottom Line : You should always look for long term benefits before buying a brand new AC. and for that, if you need to pay more extra bucks initially, we will be recommended you to do that.

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